Conference Award “Marin Barleti”

UKZ Annual Conference Award “Marin Barleti” is dedicated for academic achievement in Higher education, substantial research contributions, introduced new issues, ideas, international cooperation, and perspectives.

Additional considerations include leadership roles, as well as the actual or potential relationship between the research done and improvement of Higher education at large, through connections between researchers and HEIs in different countries with the Public University “Kadri Zeka” and their researchers.

At the Annual Conference UKZ 2022, the winner of the “Marin Barleti” Award is prof.dr. Danilo Nikolic, form University of Montenegro.


Prof. Dr. Danilo Nikolic,   University of Montengero, Montenegro

Prof Danilo Nikolic were visiting Professor / Researcher of the American Fulbright Fellowship at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Research Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

Postdoctoral studies at AIST (Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Clean Power System Group), Tsukuba, Japan,

Doctor of Technical Sciences at the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Podgorica. Area - engines, fuels and ecology. Title - "Reduction of exhaust emissions from diesel engines through modification of diesel fuel and engine parameters" at KEIO University, Tokyo, Japan.

Doctoral Studies and Research, Iida Laboratory, KEIO University, Tokyo, Japan.

Master of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Area - fuel combustion and exhaust emissions from marine engines.

BSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Podgorica. Area - ecology of motor vehicles.

Last two grades of high school in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

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